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1.  It is the period when one prepares for adulthood and maturity.
2.  This is when physical or bodily changes take place to boys and girls.
3.  As an individual grows, the ability to think and reason out becomes deeper
4.  This is the time when an individual becomes interested in the opposite sex.
5.  Awareness of the changes that are taking place in their body.
6.  This is knowing what coavtion they wish to take that will prepare them in their future.
7.  This is when adolescents struggle for independence from their parents.
8.  Uncooperative, quarrelsome, disagreeably critical, and prone to giving derogatory comments.
9.  Withdrawn from peer and family activities, do not communicate, give way to day dreaming and brooding about how they are misunderstood, shy, conscious of bodily changes and fearful of negative remarks.
10.  Moody, quick in exhibiting temper outburst, anxious, and irritable.
11.  Fearful of failure resulting from constant criticisms.
12.  These are activities that develop the teenager's skills for civic effieciency and competence.
13.  It is a quality characterized of being truthful, absence of deceit and fraud; being fair in dealing with others.
14.  It is a condition characterized by full confidence of a person and the ability and integrity of another person
15.  It is thoughtfulness, always ready to help you
16.  It is a feeling of attachment towards a friend or one's family
17.  Respect
18.  It is the process of planning, organizing, controlling, directing, guiding, and evaluating the use of resources available for the family.
19.  The first step in home management is to make a defeinite decision.
20.  It is a careful formulation of goods and finding ways and means of attaining the set goals.
21.  It is making sure that things conform according to the plan.
22.  It is transmitting clear and adequate instrucions to make sure that the assigned activity is being done accordingly.
23.  It is motivating the person to carry out the planned work accordingly.
24.  It means checking and assessing the performance.
25.  It is the systematic and organized use of time and energy.
26.  Is organizing expenses of the family acccording to the income of the family.
27.  This is the priority in the household budget.
28.  This includes tuition fees, books, school supplies, school projects, textbooks, and allowances.
29.  This could be house rent or amortization.
30.  This includes consultation with doctors, medicines, vitamins, and hospitalization.
31.  These are paid for the property owned and for the income earned during the past years to the government.
32.  These cover payments for water, electricity, and telephone.
33.  These consist of expenses that occur regularly within a period of time.
34.  These are expenses do not come regularly
35.  Is a child not more than 12 months of age
36.  These are children from age 1 to 6 years old.
37.  They should be given nutritious food that are substantial to their growth. 7 to 12 years old
38.  It is the transtition period between the childhood and adulthood.
39.  Is the period of life when one has attained full growth and maturity.
40.  The period of old age .
41.  Is the period in which the fertilized ovum implants itself in the uterus undegoes cell-divisions
42.  Is the period of producing milk.
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