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1.  What are the days of the week in spanish in order?
2.  Tell the definition in Spanish.DayWeekMonthYearWhat day is todaySeasondatetodaytommorow
3.  The hispanic calender starts on?
4.  Caul es la fecha de hoy?Hoy es
5.  Que dia es hoy?
6.  Que dia es Manana?
7.  What are the seasons in this order in spanishSpring SummerFallWinter
8.  En que mes es el dia de San Valentin?
9.  En que estacion es enero
10.  What are the articles in spanish for the singular masculinesingular feminineplural masculineplural femine
11.  What are the spanish articles for asingular masculinesingular feminineplural masculineplural feminie
12.  What are the spanish pronouns
13.  What are the ar verb endings
14.  What does ser mean and what are the forms
15.  What does ir mean and what are the forms
16.  What does dar mean and what are the forms
17.  What does estar mean and what are the forms
18.  Los muchachos                         el radio(buscar)Make the verb correct in the sentence the tell the definition of the word
19.  Make the verbs pluralguapogrande
20.  What is how do you go to school mean in spanish
21.  Como vas a la escuela?
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