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1.  1.  A type of Java Integrated Development Environment to aid programmer in coding
2.  An programming paradigm that was conceived to model real world object
3.  The result of compiling Java code with a Java SDK
4.  Defines as the common variables of the object
5.  It is known as the instance of the class
6.  The default java  version that allows us to develop applications for desktops, servers, and small embedded environments such as SIM cards
7.  The name of the company that manage the java program
8.  Java started in the year ______.
9.  The man behind the java program
10.  Known as functions of a set of objects
11.  In our lesson, it was mentioned that Java adheres to the "Write Once Run Everywhere" principle. Explain why?
12.  Give the benefits/principles of the JAVA programming language.
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