Practice Test For The Wyoming Low Voltage

34 Questions  I  By [email protected] on December 6, 2011
WYOMING LOW VOLTAGE TEST TIPS     PRETEST TIPS   This test will not ask you anything about your current installing knowledge, it is more directed towards national electrical codes, wiring, voltage, fire codes, e.t.c   Get VERY comfortable with looking up information in the NEC 2008 ( The study book we have to read for the test)   GET VERY FAMILIAR WITH ARTICLE 760 – “FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS” (majority of the questions are from this article )   GET VERY FAMILIAR WITH ARTICLE 725- “REMOTE CONTROL, SIGNALING.   GET VERY  FAMILIAR WITH ARTICLE 800   PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL WHEN YOU STUDY YOU DONT HAVE TO KNOW EVERY THING IN THE NEC 2008 BUT U HAVE TO HAVE AN IDEA OF WHERE EVERYTHING IS AT SO YOU CAN FIND IT DURING THE TEST.   TEST TAKING TIPS   30 questions, one and a half hour time limit, so literally you have 3 minutes a question. If a question has taken you more than 3 minutes and you are not getting anywhere, SKIP IT (with the testing system used you can flag it, so you can come back to it later ), and answer all the questions that you can find quickly before doing the harder questions.   Time yourself, and don’t stress, it’s not a hard test if you become VERY familiar with the NEC 2008 ( ESPECIALLY ARTICLE 760 & 725) The NEC 2008 code book is avilable through the licensing department to barrow to use on this test.

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