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50 Domande  I  By LEND_BG
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Esegui il test, poi stampa il certificato col punteggio e incollalo sul tuo quaderno. Riporta anche ciò che trovi scritto dopo 'Your Result'. Attenzione: quando esegui il test, se trovi due o tre spazi nella frase, leggi bene cosa devi fare.

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1.  Last Monday Dad ________ home very early in the morning and came back at midnight
2.  While I was ___________ in the street, I heard somebody call me.
3.  I like your mobile phone, but it's  ________ expensive than mine.
4.  Last night the film started at 9 and ________ at 11 p.m.
5.  “Where’s Mum?”  “Oh, she has ________ to the supermarket”
6.  “Mum, is October in winter?”  “No, Charlie, it’s in ________ “
7.  “I was born _____ May 22nd”
8.  “Is there _________ left in the fridge?”  “Yes, there is some fruit.”
9.  Bob is the shortest student _____ all
10.  “When ___________ your sister born?”
11.  “ _________ you tired yesterday afternoon?”  “Yes, a lot!”
12.  Take my advice. You  __________ smoke so much, it's unhealthy.
13.  She fell and _______ her right ankle.
14.  “Who is the youngest student _________ this class?” 
15.  “What is the _______ expensive city in the world?”  “I think it’s Tokyo”
16.  “Look at that boy! He is ________ to fall off his bike in a moment!”
17.  What _________ you doing on September 11, 2001 at 3 pm?
18.  I know it’s 3 p.m., but I _________ have breakfast this morning… so I’m very hungry!
19.  "Does a train travel _________ than a car?" "Usually, especially if it's a high speed train."
20.  “How  ________ people were there at the cinema last night?”
21.  "Have you ever _____________ abroad?" "Yes, I have visited many European countries."
22.   “ The people I met in Norway  ________  really nice!
23.  I was running in the park, when suddenly a storm _________ out.
24.  Fred is nicer _______ Albert, but he is more boring 
25.  Could you look ________ your little brother, Mary? I'm going out.
26.  Hi, John! I haven't seen you _______ ages! How are you?
27.  Did you ___________ breakfast at school yesterday morning?
28.  Wait _______ me! I can't run so fast!
29.  How long did it  _______ you to get to work yesterday?
30.  Unfortunately she hasn't played volleyball __________ last October, when she broke her left arm.
31.  “Where can we go tomorrow?”  “ _________ . I just want to go out!”
32.  My grandfather died 3 years _______, when he was 80
33.  “ ________ you had breakfast yet?” “No, not yet”
34.  "Do you think she _______ call you again?" "I hope so. She was very angry!"
35.  "What have you been ___________ all day?" "Nothing interesting..."
36.  “Does your mother have to _______ your bed?”  “No, I usually do the housework."
37.  “________ you like some more sugar?”  “No, thanks”
38.  Dad __________ in this bank from 2000 to 2005.
39.  There’s ________ to do with her! She doesn’t want to listen to me!
40.  “If it  ______ , I'll take an umbrella.”
41.  I  _________ speak German when I was at school, but now it's easier for me, because I live in Berlin.
42.  You ________ smoke here. It’s strictly forbidden!
43.  “How ________ spending next Sunday at the seaside?” “No, let's go to the mountains, instead”
44.  She has been ___________ the piano for years now.
45.   “ Did you go to the stadium ________ Sunday afternoon?”  “Yes, I went there with my friends”
46.  “How ________ is it to London?”  “It’s about 20 miles”
47.  Yesterday morning I got up at 6, had a shower, got _______ and took a taxi to work.
48.  “What time did she wake up yesterday morning?”  “She ________ up at 7”
49.  "How long _________ you _________ in Bergamo?"  "Since I was born." (scrivi la prima parola e inserisci una virgola; poi scrivi la seconda parola)
50.  “When are your parents _______ to sell their old car?”  “I don’t know!”
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