Musculoskeletal System Quiz - Part I

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Musculoskeletal Quizzes & Trivia

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1.  The skeleton is the strong _____________ on which the body is constructed.
2.  Bones work with ____________ to produce movement at the joints.
3.  What five functions does the skeletal system perform?
4.  Hematopoiesis is the production of blood cells in _____  _______  ___________.
5.  Bones are the "storehouse" for _____________.
6.  There are _____ bones in the skeleton.
7.  The four different types of bones are:
8.  The long narrow shaft of long bones is called the _______________.
9.  The hollow area inside the long shaft of the bone is called the _____________  _________.
10.  The ends of long bones are called the ______________.
11.  ______________  ______________ is the thin layer of cartilage covering the ends of long bones.
12.  _______________ is the strong fibrous membrane covering the majority of a long bone.
13.  Periosteum (membrane) covers the entire long bone.
14.  The name of the thin membrane that lines the inside of the medullary cavity.
15.  The skeletal system contains two main types of connective tissue. Name them.
16.  Bone tissue is also known as _____________ tissue.
17.  Two types of bone tissue are:
18.  The spaces of spongy bone are filled with __________  __________ ____________.
19.  Compact bone is porous with many small spaces.
20.  Compact bone is ________ and _________.
21.  The matrix of compact bones is made up of numerous structural units called ___________ or _____________  ______________.
22.  The bones cells in compact bone are called _______________.
23.  Blood vessels pass through the outer periosteum and enter the bone through the central ________________  _____________ to nourish the osteocytes.
24.  Two types of marrow are:
25.  This type of marrow is found in the medullary cavity.
26.  This type of marrow is found in the ends of long bone.
27.  What type of fibers reinforce the matrix of bone tissue and cartilage tissue?
28.  What is the term for the formation of bone (which begins during the second and third months of life)?
29.  What are the bone-building cells called that manufacture matrix?
30.  The type of cells that are living but do not produce new bone tissue are called _______________.
31.  ________________ are the cells that are responsible for the process of resorption.
32.  The formation and resorption of bone tissue are regulated by hormones and vitamin D
33.  The bone-forming center across the ends of the bone are called the ____________ ______________.
34.  Bone growth ceases when all epiphyseal _____________ is transformed to bone.
35.  When bone stops growing in length, so does the width.
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