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Multimedia 3 & 4 Short Answer Quiz

5 Questions  I  By Mrmatheson
Quiz questions for 3&4 short answer exam questions.

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1.  A Play Group wants to target mothers with young children. Which logo do you think is more appropriate? Explain your answer. (2 marks)
2.  You are in a group brainstorming session and someone suggests an idea that is not practical. Explain how you would respond?
3.  Write a sentence in the passive voice to describe the picture on the right. (1 mark)
4.  In the above text, two typefaces are used. Suggest why the use of the two typefaces is not appropriate. (1 mark)
5.  You are to design a new logo for the company "Fifties Plus Funds Australia" and they have asked you to consider these colours in the logo design. Are they suitable for the target audience? Explain your answer. (2 marks)
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