Microsoft Word 2010 Chapter 3 Completion Test

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1.  A(n) ____________ object is an object that is part of a paragraph.
2.  A(n) ___________ object is an object that can be positioned at a specific location in a document or in a layer over or behind text in a document.
3.  ____________ objects give you more flexibility because you can position them anywhere on the page.
4.  In Word, a solid line, called a(n) ______________, can be drawn at any edge of a paragraph.
5.  In Word, the term, ________________, refers to returning the formatting to the Normal style.
6.  In a business letter, the __________, which consists of the month, day, and year, is positioned two to six lines below the letterhead.
7.  A(n)_______________ is the location on the horizontal ruler that tells Word where to position the insertion point when you press the TAB key on the keyboard.
8.  When the TAB key is pressed, a(n) ___________ formatting mark appears in the empty space between the tab stops.
9.  If the same text or graphic is used frequently, you can store the text or graphic as a(n) ___________ and then insert the stored entry in the open document, as well as in future documents.
10.  Press CTRL+SHIFT+SPACEBAR to enter a(n) ____________, which is a special type space character that prevents two words from splitting if the first word falls at the end of a line.
11.  Press CTRL+SHIFT+HYPHEN to enter a(n)___________ which is a special type of hyphen that prevents two words separated hyphen from splitting at the end of a line.
12.  When inserting a table, you must specify the total number of rows and columns required, which is called the _____________ of the table.
13.  A Word ____________ is a collection of rows and columns
14.  In a word table, the intersecton of a row and a column is called a(n) _______, and is filled with text.
15.  Each cell in a Word table has a(n) ____________, which is a formatting mark that assists with selecting and formatting cells.
16.  You can drag a(n) __________, which is the border to the right of a column, until the column is the desired width.
17.  You can drag a(n)__________, which is the border at the bottom of a row, until the row is the desired height.
18.  An entire table can be resized by dragging the __________, which is a small square that displays when pointing to the bottom-right corner of a table.
19.  Press the _______ key(s) to select the previous cell from the one in which the insertion point appears.
20.  You cannot use the __________ key to insert a row at the beginning or middle of a table; instead, you use the Insert Rows Above or Insert Rows Below Command.
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