Mein Zimmer - one sentence at a time
20 Questions
Use this quiz to check your knowledge of vocabulary relating to the topic "Mein Zimmer" and also to reinforce your understanding of prepositions and the dative case.

In the quiz a student is lying on his bed. He knows he should be doing his homework, but he finds it hard to motivate himself. You know how it is.

His room is also kind of messy. Sometimes he has trouble finding what he needs. Is your room like that?

Extra vocabulary you might need or might have forgotten:

Extra information you might need:

The personal pronoun "mein/e" also changes in the dative case. In the nominative case, you would say 
"mein Hund" (masculine), but "meine Schultasche" (feminine) and "mein Projekt" (neuter).

This is how the pronoun changes in the dative case:

MASCULINE: The pronoun mein (nominative) becomes meinem (dative):
(The preposition mit always takes the dative case.)

FEMININE: The pronoun meine (nominative) changes to meiner (dative).

 As with the masculine pronoun, mein (nominative) changes to meinem (dative).