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Medical Terminology Suffixes

16 Questions  I  By Jcapasso
Medical Quizzes & Trivia
A short quiz to ensure that you understand the meanings of 31 suffixes used in medical terminology.

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1.  What suffix means dilation or expansion?
2.  What suffix indicates a blood condition?
3.  What suffix means cell?
4.  What suffix indicates a surgical removal
5.  What two suffixes mean to kill or destroy?
6.  What two suffixes mean beginning, creation, or production?
7.  What suffix means vomiting, spitting out, or expulsion?
8.  What suffix means sensation?
9.  What suffix means thirst?
10.  What suffix means herniated or protruding?
11.  What three suffixes mean pain?
12.  What eleven suffixes all mean pertaining to?
13.  What suffix indicates swelling?
14.  What suffix indicates a surgical puncture for aspiration?
15.  What suffix means skin?
16.  What two suffixes mean break?
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