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Male & Female Reproductive System Quiz

15 Questions  I  By Low_angel1622
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Reproductive System Quizzes & Trivia
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1.  The large gland in the male surrounding the urethra located in front of the bladder
2.  This is where the fertilized ovum attaches within the female's body
3.  The sperm with erections from the prostate glands and the _______ becomes semen
4.  Sperm are produced here
5.  The sperm travel through this tube to reach the seminal vesicle
6.  The neck of the uterus; the fetus' head usually presses against this structure at birth
7.  Both semen and urine leave the male body through this channel
8.  The birthing canal
9.  The sac like structure that contains the testes
10.  The urethra can be found only the male reproductive system
11.  From many tubules of the testes the sperm are first stored here
12.  This is the tube were conception occurs
13.  Ovulation is the process by which an egg cell is released from the
14.  The organ which ejaculates semen
15.  The microscopic hairs which propel the ovum towards the uterus
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