It190 Hardware And Os Chapter 3 Reviewing The Basics

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IT190 Hardware And OS Chapter 3 Reviewing The Basics

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1.  Name five job roles that can all be categorized as a PC technician.
2.  Of the five jobs in Question 1, which one job might never include interacting with the PC’s primary user?
3.  Assume that you are a customer who wants to have a PC repaired. List five main characteristics that you would want to see in your PC repair person.
4.  What is one thing you should do when you receive a phone call requesting on-site support, before you make an appointment?  
5.  You make an appointment to do an on-site repair, but you are detained and find out that you will be late. What is the best thing to do?
6.    When you arrive for an on-site service call, how important is your greeting? What would be a good greeting to start off a good business relationship
7.    When making an on-site service call, what should you do before making any changes to software or before taking the case cover off a computer?
8.  What should you do after finishing your PC repair?
9.  What should you do after finishing your PC repair?
10.  If you are about to make an on-site service call to a large financial organization, is it appropriate to show up in shorts and a T-shirt? Why or why not?
11.  You have exhausted your knowledge of a problem and it still is not solved. Before you escalate it, what else can you do?
12.   If you need to make a phone call while on a customer’s site and your cell phone is not working, what do you do?
13.       When someone calls your help desk, what is the first thing you should do?
14.  List the items of information you would want to record at the beginning of a help-desk call.
15.  What is one thing you can do to help a caller who needs phone support and is not a competent computer user?
16.  Describe what you should do when a customer complains to you about a product or service that your company provides.
17.  What are some things you can do to make your work at a help desk easier?
18.   Why is it important to be a certified technician?
19.  When applying for a position as a help desk technician you discover the job interview will happen by telephone. Why do you think the employer has chosen this method for the interview?
20.  What organization offers A+ certification?
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