I Want To Pass My Gsat And Go To Glenmuir High School

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It was good. I enjoyed it. I got a pass marks. If i get that marks on my gsat paper on march 25&26 2012 i would make my parents proud. And i would get almoust anything i want.

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                                                                 About myself My name is Delroy Burris.I am 11 years of age.I attend Foundation Preparatory School.I'll be doing my G.S.A.T next year and I would love to pass to go to a good school and make my parents proud.I live in New Bowens which is located in Clarendon.I love to dj but my sister always telling me negitive things like your sing foolishness but I jus :).My favorite food is Curry Crab and roti.My favorite months are May and July because my Mom's birthday is in May and it's crab time and my birthday is in July.My favorite games are Fifa,Cityville,Modern Warfare and GTA.My favorite sports are football,cricket and running.My favorite show is Zac and Cody.Well thats basically everything about me

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