Human Resources Final Chapter 6

20 Questions  I  By Krista_500

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1.  Based on showing a substantial correlation between test scores and job performance scores.
2.  A selection interview that consists of a predetermined set of questions for the interviewer to ask.
3.  A structured interview in which the interviewer describes a certain time to arise on the job, then asks the candidate what he or she would do in that certain time.
4.  Process of anything at a selection decision in which a very high score on one type of assessment can make up for a low score on another.
5.  Process of arriving at a selection decision by eliminating some candidates at each stage of the selection process.
6.  Assessing qualities on the basis of judgments from reference checks and interviews or directly through the use of tests.
7.  A structured intervie in which the interviewer asks the candidate to describe how he or she handld a type of situation in the past.
8.  To evaluate candidates for such jobs, the organization may administer tests of the nessry skills. Sometimes the candidates take tests that involve a sample of work, or they may show existing samples of their work.
9.  The extent to which a measurement generates consistent results.
10.  Assesses how well a person can learn or acquire skills and abilities.
11.  Selection interview in which several members of the organization meet to interview each candidate.
12.  Measures a person's existing knowledge and skills.
13.  Consistency between the test items or problems and the kinds of situations or problems that occur on the job.
14.  Designed to measure such mental abilities as verbal skills, quantitative skills, and reasoning ability.
15.  The process through which organizations make decision about who will be chosen to fill job openings.
16.  The extent to which perfomance on a measure, such a test score, is related to what the measure is designed to assess (such as job performance.)
17.  Valid in other contexts beyond the context in which the selection method was developed.
18.  A way for employers to know who may want to now about candidate's personalities.
19.  Capability of a test to measure a construct such as intelligence and the relationship of this construct to successful job performance.
20.  A selection interview in which the interviewer has great discretion in choosing questions to ask each candidate.
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