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Human Anatomy And Physiology Chapter 4

15 Questions  I  By Vbakkar
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1.  More numerous glands in the body.Secrete products into ducts.Secretion released onto body surfaces(skin) or into body cavities.Mucous, sweat, oil
2.  Name three types of fibers?
3.  What are the names of young actively dividing cells?
4.  What happens in step two of tissue repair?
5.  Products are secreted by exocytosis?
6.  The only important unicellular gland is the __________________.
7.  What happens at step one of tissue repair?
8.  What happens in step three in tissue repair?
9.  Primary Germ Layer:Nervous Tissue
10.  Cells seperated by nonliving extracellular matrix?
11.  What are the names of mature cells that are no longer dividing?
12.  Ductless glandsSecretes hormones that travel through lymph or blood to target organs.
13.  Products are secreted by rupture of gland cells?
14.  Connective tissue of origin is_________.
15.  Primary Germ Layer:Muscle and connective tissue
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