How Old Are You Quiz.

8 Questions  I  By Coolnone on October 5, 2008
This is the quiz that will tell you how old you ACT.


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1.  What is your favorite toy?
2.  What kind of shows do you watch?
3.  What would you rather do everyday?
4.  How often do you cry?
5.  What is your favorite song?
6.  Your mother grounds you for life because you didn't listen to her. What do you do?
7.  Do you have a crush on someone right now?
8.  Your mother takes you to a resort with rides. And you and your mother go on a scary ride. What do you tell her?
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Quiz Comments (124)
I am 13, almost 14 and I got 13-15 😊
I am 12 and I got 16-19 wow
i got 13-15 and im 11
I'm 10 and I got 16-19
I am 10 and got 13-15
I'm 18 and I got 13-15 lol, fab
I'm 12 and it said I am 15
I got 10-12 and I'm 13
I'm 14 and I got 13-15 so... I act my age. Cool!
I'm only ten and my result was 16-19 LOL
i am 10 my brother is 12 i got 13-15 he got 10-12 he got the rigth age i did not
i did a family friend age 11 name (can't tell) she got 13-15 she is very lazy i can't belive she got a 13-15
i did one for a family friend age 11 got 4-7
I'm ten and it said 16 19
I'm 12 and it said 15
I am 8 but it said i am 7.
Your ten and on the internet..?
I'm almost 16 in one month, and I got a 10 thru 12
im 12 and i got 13-15
I am 11 and I got 13-15
It says I'm 16-17 but im only 14
I'm 14 got 13-15
I'm 15 and got 13-15
Im 9. I got 10-12
Im 12 and i got 16-19
I'm ten and it gave me 13-15
I am 12 and got all of them right
I am 12 and got all of them right
I am 11 and I got 16 to 19
I am 12 and I got 16 to 19
im 12 and I got 13-15
I am 11 and I got 13-15
I'm 14 and I'm 16-19
I AM 13 AND I GOT 13 AND 14
I AM 13 AND I GOT 13 AND 14
I'm 12 and I got 10~ 12
I'm 11 and I got a 16-19
I'm a very bored adult, but this says I'm 8-10. Ha. I guess I'm doing well then!
Im 10 and I got 10-12 im prefectly fine
i am 14 but it said i was 10..
I got I am 18 but I am 10
I am 11 and it said I was 13-15
Was this done by a four year old?
Guys I Am 1023 and i to 1-3 D: D: D: D:
I got 10-12 and I'm turning ten really soon!
Haha! TWINSIES! plus my name is Chloe too!
this says how old you act not how old you are!!!!!!!!
13-15 and im 13 yayyy!!! I act my age!
I got 13-15 and I'm ten
Young teen how correct O.o
Is that autumn that goes to P's 43 ❔
Biao is weird; the writing is a piece of junk and it sucks.
What the f*** is that below?
Diyckhxyfo fhcohfuxigcitzfcufzyxkxg hosucuoutxcus
My brother is only 6 years old and this f***in' quiz said he was 13-15? F***ed up I tell ya!
well if hes worth it he will ask you out.
my crush is Elijah and I am afraid too ask him out
Me top samuel. Lol
Oh yeah, got 10-12. I AM 11! I wish i was mature, lol.
I got 13-15 yet im 10-12
Does anyone else really like food?
i got 16-19 and im 12
i got 16-19 and im 12
I got 16 - 19 and I'm 12
I got 16-19 and I'm 12
I got 13-15, and I just turned 12
Mine is 10-12 and I'm only 8
Mine is 10-12
I got 10 to 12 and I am 11
Yeah and you are probably 8, and disrespecting someone that is older than you
Oh my god you got ten to twelve and you're ten? Sooooo?
I got 13-15 but I am 10?
I got 10 -12 and I'm 11
I got 13 to 15 and my friend got 10 to twelve lol shes 11 and im 12 x
I got 8-10 but I'm 15!
yeah u proble 30
i got 13 and im 13 lol
I got 16-19! And I'm 13!!
My results said I am about 13-15 but I'm 10-12
Wow this is a weird quiz
I am 18
I'm 13 and it said 16-19
I got my age also which was 12
I am 10-12 i am really ten thou
10-12 I am 12 right! Wow another one that is right
I got 16-19 I always knew i acted like an adult. I'm acutally 5 BOB
How svelte ... I scored pre-teen. I'm 38.
@ImRemainingAnonymous. I agree. Just because a quiz tells us 11 and 12 year olds are young teens, doesn't mean we are. Quiz's aren't always accurate. But, it is fun to think we are young teens!!!
Yeh I'm a teenager I have crushed on someone co cute more than you stupid people
It says i am a young teen i am 12 in 5 days
perfect!! got my exact age!!
It's funny to read the comments already posted on here cause most of you kids think that you are so mature cause an online quiz said you act 13 and you are really only 11 or 12. Lol. I hate to break it to you kids, but I guarantee that most of yall arent mature at all yet. Hahaha!
im asian and most of these questions doesnt even apply to me.. 8-10 -.- you gotta be shitting me
I'm 16-19 but I'm still 13 heheh
I got 13-15 I'm only 11
I got a here older than me. Yippee! I'm twelve and got 13-15. People normally mistake me for a 14 year old though. Back when I was still eleven at a New Year's Eve party, some 15 year old guy said I was cute. I was like EWWW!
oh god im a pre teen 10-12 im only 8 u know!!!!!
Yay! I'm 11, and I got 10-12!
Ahhhh I'm a baby 1-3 I'm still 8
I'm only 8 not a teen
It says I'm a older teen and I'm 14..... Hahaha wow
so that is really awkward
It Says I'm A teenager 16-19. And I'm 15. I Can deal With That Lol
me too
I got teenager and I am 13 so yippee
I got pre-teen 10 -12
It actually worked I'm 11 and it gave me 10-12 den my friend mad me do it again and i put same answer or maybe skipped one n gave me 13-15
it said i was a teen but i am 11
that's good they said i act like im 16-19... but im only thirteen about to be 14 in 2 weeks.
right im only 14 years old but they said i act lik im 16-19
I got teenager and I am 12
i'm not twelve im turning 15 /: soon ;c
Im only 12 but it worked out 4 me cuz im ging on 13 in a few monthsπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒβœŒβœŒ
This is completely false, I'm almost 16, and I got preteen. and you spelled it wrong, preteen. it's not pre.teen, smart one.
this is crazy i'm only 8 and a half.
Wow it works. I'm eleven and it came up with ten-twelve, perfect!
I'm 10 and they mixed me up for 13 I'm very mature
I'm 14 right now, going to be 15 later in the year, not 16-19
Im 13 and they totally got my age range!
Me too! @-@
god i am 12 not 16-19 years ol
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