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1.  What type of protocol is used to present a public IP address to computers outside the LAN to handle requests to use the Internet from computers inside the LAN?
2.  If no DHCP server is available on a network, what type of configuration must computers on the network use for assignments of IP addresses? 
3.  Which version of 802.11 technologies can use two antennae at both the access point and the network adapter?
  1. You connect to the Internet using a cable modem. When you open your browser and try to access a Web site, you get the error: “The Web page you requested is not available offline. To view this page, click Connect.” Select two explanations and their solutions that are reasonable and might work. Select two explanations and solutions that are not reasonable.
5.  How many bits are in an IPv4 IP address?
6.  How can you physically tell if a network card is not working?
7.  What is the purpose of DSL filters on phone jacks in your home?
8.  What command can be used to cause Windows to release its IP address?
9.  What is the difference between ADSL and SDSL?
10.  What is the full command line for the loopback address test?
11.  What command can tell you if two computers on the same network have the same computer name?
12.  Approximately how many IP addresses are available for a single Class A IP license? Class B? Class C?
13.  What is the purpose of the command, ping
14.  What device is required so that you can connect a regular telephone to a VoIP network? 
15.  When using DSL to connect to the Internet, the data transmission shares the cabling with what other technology?   
16.  Which command can give you the hop count from your computer to another?
17.  What type of server serves up IP addresses to computers on a network?
18.  Which is more expensive, UTP CAT5e cabling or STP CAT5e cabling?    
19.  Which wireless encryption standard is stronger, WEP or WPA?
20.  In what class is the IP address
21.  Describe the difference between public and private IP addresses. If a network is using private IP addresses, how can the computers on that network access the Internet?
22.  What is the speed in bits per second of a 1000BaseT Ethernet network? 
23.  Why is it unlikely that you will find the IP address on the Internet?
24.  In what class is the IP address
25.  Which protocol does a Web server use when transmissions are encrypted for security? 
26.  What port does the SMTP protocol use by default? 
27.  What is the name of the port used by a dial-up modem?
28.  What is the first configuration change you should make when you first install a router? 
29.  To know if Windows recognizes a NIC without errors, which tool do you use?
30.  If you want to upgrade your 100BaseT Ethernet network so that it will run about 10 times the current speed, what technology would you use?
31.  What key do you press to refresh the Network window?
32.  What is the name of the port used by an Ethernet cable?   
33.  Which command tests for connectivity between two computers?
34.  Give two popular examples of broadband technology
35.  What protocol is replacing the POP protocol used to receive email?
36.  What are IP addresses called that begin with 10, 172.16 or 192.168? 
37.  What does the 100 in the name 100BaseT indicate?   
38.  Which command is used to find the DNS server’s information about a domain name? 
39.  Place the following networking technologies in the order of their highest speed, from slowest to fastest: 1. Fiber optic 2. dial-up networking 3. cable modem 4. Fast Ethernet
40.  If a computer is found to have an IP address of, what can you assume about how it received that IP address? 
41.  How can you tell the difference between a patch cable and a crossover cable by examining the cable?
42.  What type of server resolves fully qualified domain names to IP addresses? 
43.  What is the name of the file that keeps associations between computer names and IP addresses on the local computer?  
44.  What is the maximum length of a NetBIOS name?
45.  Which type of networking cable is more reliable, STP or UTP?
46.  You have set up a small LAN in your home with two Windows XP PCs connected to the Internet using a DSL connection. You have a DSL router box connected to the DSL and to a small switch. Your two PCs connect to the switch. You can browse the Internet from either PC. However, you discover that each PC cannot use the resources on the other PC. What is the problem and what do you do?
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