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The Hardest Harry Potter Quiz Ever Made- You Can't Pass It!

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The Hardest Harry Potter Quiz Ever Made- You Can

This is probably the hardest harry potter quiz you will EVER take, i guarrentee this is not easy, and if you DO pass it, i will be immensely surprised! Do you think you're obsessive and a true Hrry Potter fan? Are you convinced that there isn't a Harry Potter Quiz that you cannot pass? This is based on book and films, but mainly book knowledge. Harry Potter your life? It's mine. Do you take your Harry Potter books EVERY WHERE? I do. Have you read all the books 34 times each? I have. Do you find yourself randomly laughing because your thinking of a Harry Potter line or moment? I do. Well I will put you to the test and we will find out just how much of a Harry Potter fan you are.

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