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1.  _________ are templates that you create for a page layout.
2.  To create a _________ you need to click Type tool, and draf it in the document window.
3.  __________ is a term used to describe the act of moving an object, sealing it, skewing it, or transforming it.
4.  The ________ displays the various master pages.
5.  When working with columns, the term _________ refers to the space between the columns.
6.  _________ are horizontal or vertical lines that you position on a page.
7.  The _________ is docked at the top of the document window by default.
8.  The two most used white spaces are ____ and ____.
9.  The width of an _______ is equivalent to that of the lowercase letter m in the current typeface.
10.  The width of an ______ is narrower, equal to the lowercase n in that typeface.
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