Die Familie
12 Questions

Below are descriptions of each family member in the picture above. Your task is to fill in the missing word, so that the sentence is correct. Don't forget to type the right plural form if it is required.

If you can't type an umlaut, type an e after the umlauted letter: e.g. Brüder (brothers) can also be typed Brueder.

If you cannot type the ß character, the robotic corrector will accept ss as well. 

On the advice of Lleyton, I am also including some German letters to copy and paste, if needed, under each question. But the options above will also work.

Don't neglect the cardinal rule: capitalize all nouns in German. The robotic corrector will frown on any nouns without a capital at the start. He's very fussy about stuff like that.

Here are the words relating to family members in German that might (or might not) be answers in the quiz. Do you recall what they all mean?