Dansk 2 - Tillægsords Endelser

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 Dansk 2 - Tillgsords Endelser
The formation of Danish adjectives.

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1.  Translate:A red flower (en)
2.  Translate:A red house (et)
3.  Translate:A big bag (en)
4.  Translate:A big TV (et)
5.  Translate:The blue jacket (en)
6.  Translate:The blue glass (et)
7.  Translate:The difficult language (et)
8.  Translate:The green car (en)
9.  Translate:A small chair (en)
10.  Translate:An ugly shirt (en)
11.  Translate:Several old men (en)
12.  Translate:Several brown closets (et)
13.  Translate:Several yellow cups (en)
14.  Translate:All the new students (en)
15.  Translate:All the white birds (en)
16.  Translate:All the black cows
17.  Translate:A beautiful face (et)
18.  Translate:The stupid, old, ugly bitch (en)
19.  Translate:The small ear (et)
20.  Translate:The two beautiful, brown eyes (et)
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