Dance Tek Warriors - Three Young Blades Section

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Costume, Setting and Music Analysis for GCSE Critical Appreciation of Dance Tek Warriors.

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1.  Describe two costumes in this section, commenting on:* Colours* Texture / Material* Shape* Pedestrian / Natural or Abstract
2.  How does the costume support the performance?
3.  How does the costume affect the dancers' performance?e.g. does it restrict/enhance the movement?
4.  Why do you think the costume was chosen? Does it work well and why?
5.  Describe the music accompaniment of the piece.
6.  Name the composer and title of the accompaniment.
7.  How does the accompaniment effect the dance piece?
8.  Why do you think the accompaniment was chosen?
9.  Where was the section set?
10.  Describe the setting for the piece, including:* Set* Lighting* Props
11.  How does the setting affect the piece?
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