Cookie & His Chuck Wagon

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Cookie & His Chuck Wagon
Information on Chuckwagon visit

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What date did the Chuckwagon visit MIS?
2.  Cattle drives took place in the _______________________ as early as the _____________. 
3.  Name three animals used as a team to pull chuckwagons.
4.  Name three things carried in the mobile kitchen called the chuck box?____________________________, __________________, ______________
5.  Name five cooking supplies caried to be used by the cook.
6.  Name five utensils carried to be used by the cook.
7.  What was the cowboy term for food?
8.  What was the name for the chuck wagon cook?
9.  What as the typical age of a cowboy on a cattle drive?
10.  What were 4 other roles the Chuck wagon Cookie did for the cowboys?
11.  Describe a chuckwagon.
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