Chapter 2 Interpersonal Communication

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Chapter 2 Interpersonal Communication. Transactional Process

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1.  The means by which the sender gets the message into the mind of the receiver.
2.  Initiator of message. Have to convery whatever message he/she wants to convey into symbols
3.  His/her frame of reference will influence what a person hears and how they hear it
4.  What are the 5 Communication Principles?
5.  What are the 8 elements of transactional process model?
6.  Distorts or interferes with communication
7.  When and/or where you communicate.
8.  Verbal, nonverbal, paraverbal
9.  Each person's perception of the other's verbal and nonverbal responses to their communicative behavior. IT MAKES COMMUNICATION TRANSACTIONAL.
10.  Unique compilation of many variables that comprise your perspective of the world
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