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“Back to School with Ed Usset” is a new feature of Corn & Soybean Digest, in cooperation with Ed Usset and the Center for Farm Financial Management. Ed’s challenging and authentic quiz questions are designed to test your grain marketing knowledge, and will help you learn while having fun! Ed Usset is the author of “Grain Marketing is Simple, It’s Just Not Easy,” and is a grain marketing specialist at the University of Minnesota.

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    Dec’10 futures bottomed at the end of June at $3.44 per bushel. At that time, you could purchase a 350 Dec corn call for 22 cents, or a 450 call for 5 cents per bushel. By mid-September, Dec’10 corn was trading at $5.08, more than $1.50 higher. Which option increased more in value; the 350 or 450 December call?
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