Akpsi National Exam [fall 2011]

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1.  Name the remaining 6 founding members.
2.   Name the Brooklyn Four and the significance of the Brooklyn Bridge State their names RESPECTIVELY!!!
3.  During each school year, how many initiations is the chapter required to hold?  
4.  State the Objects of Alpha Kappa Psi.
5.  What do the letters in the acronym B.L.U.E. represents? 
6.  What is the founding date of Sigma Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi? 
7.  In what state is AKPsi currently incorporated and what year was this change approved? 
8.  Name 3 national Programs.
9.  How many meetings or required events can a student member miss unexcused before they are subject to suspension from the chapter?
10.  Name 8 schools in the region and their Greek names. 
11.  How often are national conventions held? When and where is the next one? 
12.  What make the Alumni Association different from the Alumni Chapter?
13.  State the tag line of Alpha Kappa Psi.  
14.  What is the minimum number of meeting required per month during an academic year?
15.  State the anthem of Alpha Kappa Psi. 
16.  Name the symbol of AKPsi alumni and what it represents
17.  The fraternity is composed of how many regions?
18.  What is the official flower of Alpha Kappa Psi? 
19.  What is the Fraternity's website address? 
20.  In what state was Alpha Kappa Psi Incorporated? 
21.  What is the founding date of Alpha Kappa Psi and what date was it incorporated? 
22.  Where was Alpha Kappa Psi founded? 
23.  What is the minimum length of the pledge-training program? 
24.  Name the Executive Board of Sigma Omega's Founding Class. 
25.  How much is the national portion of student member dues and what dates are they payable to the National Office?
26.  How much is the Initiation fee, what does it pay for and how much goes to Nationals?
27.  How much is the National Pledge Induction fee, what does it pay for and how much goes to Nationals?
28.  State the Vision statement of Alpha Kappa Psi.
29.  In a National meeting the definition of a quorum is what percentage of the total number of eligible votes? 
30.  List the remaining seven duties of a brother. 
31.  When women were granted full membership into Alpha Kappa Psi. 
32.   State the Creed of Alpha Kappa Psi. 
33.  Name your Chapter Advisor and Faculty Advisor.
34.  Name each office within the chapter and the Brother who holds each office
35.  Name the remaining 6 founding members.
36.  Describe the Pledge Pin.
37.  What are the official colors of Alpha Kappa Psi?
38.  Name the annual giving program for student members and the yearly contribution to this program?
39.  What are the governing documents of the Fraternity?
40.  Identify the main objects on the Coat of Arms. 
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