5th Grade Science Test

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 5th Grade Science Test
Science 5th grade study guide for chapter 2 test

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1.  Surrounds the cell and allows certain materials to enter the cell and waste to exit.  can be compared to your skin because both are outside coverings
2.  The control center of the cell
3.  A tough material surrounding the cell membrane in plant cells that provide support and protection
4.  The green part of plant cells uses sunlight to turn water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and sugar
5.  Stores nutrients and breaks down materials.  It can act like a stomach, storing and breaking down materials
6.  Groups of the same kinds of cells working together to do the same job
7.  Groups of tissues that perform a certain job in your body
8.  A group of organs and tissues that work together to carry out a life process.
9.  The ___________ ___________ is the part of the cell that allows certain materials to enter the cell and the other materials to exit
10.  _____ __________  is the process that most cells use to get energy
11.  The _____________ produces energy for plants and animal cells
12.  The __________ acts like a stomach for a cell, storing and breaking down food.
13.  The shape of the ____ _____ _____ helps the cells move through blood vessels
14.  List the order of orgainzatin in and animal from simplest to most complex:
15.  What type of cells make up the skin?
16.  A group of similar cells working together to perform the same function is called_______
17.  What 2 systems work together to move the body?
18.  The branch-like structures of a cell mostly likely relates to which organ?
19.  Name two systems that work with the muscle system and explain how these systems work together.
20.  Must be able to lable the following parts of a cell vacuoles, nucleus, mitochondria, cell membrane, and cytoplasm, picture is on page 41 in science book which of course was not brought home!abel .
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