Manage multiple marketing campaigns
Create separate projects, assign to team & track progress

Marketing teams have several project at once which is why it gets difficult to manage and track them all. From SEO, Social to Design, there is always a lot to do with multiple teams and numerous projects. It is important to have a system that allows marketers to organize their projects and never miss deadlines.

Using marketing project management tools, you can:

  • Manage multiple projects
  • Track progress individually
  • Create & assign subtasks
  • Collaborate & interact
  • Get infographic marketing reports
 Manage multiple marketing campaigns

Reduce marketing meetings
Easily interact with different teams on their assigned projects

 Reduce marketing meetings

To reduce the number of marketing meetings and increase employee productivity, there is always a need of great marketing project management solutions, with which you can:

  • Smoothly interact with all teams
  • Assign roles & permissions
  • Set due dates & timelines
  • Track progress of every task

Create an agile and productive work environment
Track deadlines, recurring tasks & achieve more

Tracking a task is very important. An organization without a project management solution may face a lot of discrepancies, especially when the task needs to be completed by the efforts of multiple teams. Miscommunication and other tasks at hand can create more discrepancies. Using marketing project management tools, you can:

  • Set reminders
  • Avoid time delays
  • Improve coordination between teams
  • Track progress & set due dates
  • Use templates
 Create an agile and productive work environment

Improve interdepartmental coordination
Collaborate with different departments to get the job done

Improve interdepartmental coordination

Marketing department is always in contact with various other departments. From coordinating with developers to getting leads from sales, a business highly depends upon the coordination of numerous departments working in harmony. With an efficient project management tool, you can:

  • Coordinate with different departments
  • Assign roles and permissions
  • Set due dates and timelines

Centralize your workflow & operations
Share files, docs & newsletters with relevant teams

All teams need to share files and docs related to different tasks in order to complete projects. This needs a platform where all the teams can share files at a central location and the QA process can be done. Using a marketing project management solution, you can easily:

  • Share files
  • Assign new tasks to teams
  • Easily review projects
  • Add comments
 Centralize your workflow & operations


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