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[edit section] Login

You need to login only to edit pages. Reading or browsing does not require login. The session from the forum is transferred to the wiki, so simply login to the forum and visit the wiki pages.

[edit section] Starting A New Article

Goto the page where your article will be listed. Click "edit this page" and type [[Your Article Name]] to start a new article. Click save and follow the link to your new article. Choose article name of new articles carefully. Changing these requires moving the page which only a moderator can do.

[edit section] When To Use Wiki/Forum

Use the forum for

  • Asking questions
  • Discussing or providing feedback/comments
  • Attachments
  • Personal experiences
  • Making study notes available as-is

If you want to make a completed article or study notes available to others as-is, please add it to the forum either as an attachment or as a post. Forum allows others to discuss and provide comments on your work, but does not allow others to edit or improve it directly. Wiki on the other hand is a collaborative editing platform.

Use wiki for:

  • Contributing to an existing article in the wiki
  • Allowing everyone to edit and improve an existing article
  • Starting a new article/study note that you would like everyone to be able to edit, improve and contribute to.

[edit section] Reverting Edits

You can help us fight spam. If you come across spam or will like to undo an edit you noticed in recent changes, you can revert the page to an older version. Reverting is used primarily for fighting vandalism or spam. If you would like to improve an edit made by another person, please use "Edit this page" link and not revert.

To revert a page to an earlier version:

  • Go to the page you wish to revert, click on the History tab at the top of the page, then click on the time and date of the earlier version you want to revert to. It will not work if you click on 'cur', 'last', or "Compare selected versions".
  • When the page displays, text similar to this: (Revision as of 23:19 Jul 15, 2003), will display. It appears below the page's title, in place of the From {project name}, usually seen.
  • Verify that you've selected the correct version, then click a link to edit the page as you would normally.
  • You'll get a warning, above the edit box, about editing an out-of-date revision.
  • Ignore the warning and save the page. Be sure to add the word "revert" (or "rv") to the edit summary.

[edit section] Wiki Practice

If you just want to experiment, please do so in the sandbox, not on an article page.

[edit section] Word formatting

''Emphasize'', '''strongly''', '''''very strongly'''''

Emphasize, strongly, very strongly

HTML tags you can use

Small text

<small>small text</small>

small text

Strikethru text

<s>strike out deleted material</s>

strike out deleted material

[edit section] Headings

same as headlines/chapters/sections

First, second and third level headings

=New section=



A first level heading is for example the "Word formatting" heading on this page. The "Bullet lists" heading on this page is an example of a 2nd level heading.

The "Table of contents" box you see at the top of this page will appear automatically when you have used 4 or more headings. First level headings are shown as x, 2nd level as x.x and so on.

[edit section] Creating Links

There are two ways of creating links:

[edit section] Internal Links

For creating links to article in the wiki type the title of the page in square brackets like

[[The OSI Model]]

Becomes a link to the The OSI Model article.

Linking to a headline at a wiki page.

You can link to a headline on another wiki page.

[[The OSI Model#Session]]

Becomes at link to the headline "Session" at the OSI Model page like this: The OSI Model#Session

[edit section] External links

Remember to start with "http://".

Bare URL


Named link
[ ProProfs Forum Page]

Becomes ProProfs Forum Page

[edit section] Lists

[edit section] Bullet lists

You can make bullet lists with "*".

* First level list object
** Second level list object
*** Third level list object
* Another first level list object
  • First level list object
    • Second level list object
      • Third level list object
  • Another first level list object

[edit section] Numbered lists

You can make numbered lists with "#".

# First level list object
## Second level list object
### Third level list object
# Another first level list object
  1. First level list object
    1. Second level list object
      1. Third level list object
  2. Another first level list object

[edit section] Mixed lists

You can even make mixed lists like this.

* You can even do mixed lists
*# and nest them
*#* like this
  • You can even do mixed lists
    1. and nest them
      • like this

[edit section] Definition lists

: the item's definition
the item's definition

[edit section] Images

The first step is to upload an image to the wiki. The following example assumes that you have already uploaded the image file called Logosmall.jpg. You can then insert images using the syntax:

[[Image:filename|options|caption text]]

The last item added will always be considered the caption text.

[edit section] Image without alt-text



[edit section] Image with alt-text

You add "|caption text" after the image link. This is the text most browsers will show when you hover over the image with the mouse.

[[Image:Logosmall.jpg|The ProProfs logo]]

The ProProfs logo

[edit section] Image options

The ProProfs logo
The ProProfs logo
thumbnail, thumb
Generates an automatically resized thumbnail image (either reduced or enlarged).
Caption text is displayed directly underneath. An "enlarge"-icon is added.
If you do not specify where the image should be placed, it will be placed to the right.
Makes the image right-aligned.

Same as above, but left-aligned.
Same as above, but centered.
Example Of Centering An Image:
The ProProfs logo

This was done using:

[[Image:Logosmall.jpg|center|The ProProfs logo]]

[edit section] Direct Image Links

Using an URL to an image will get the image from it's location and display it. For instance the following can be used to display the Google logo:


[edit section] Tables

Seperate the cells in same row using ||. Start a new row using |-

{| border="1" 
|+ The table's caption
! Column heading 1 !! Column heading 2 !! Column heading 3 !! Column heading 4
| 1 || 2 || 3 || 4
| 4 || 5 || 6 || 7
| 8 || 9 || 10 || 11
The table's caption
Column heading 1 Column heading 2 Column heading 3 Column heading 4
1 2 3 4
4 5 6 7
8 9 10 11

Important Note: HTML tags for table such as <table><tr><td> etc are also acceptable.

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