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Comptia Security+ Study Guide

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Comptia Security+ Study Guide

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Security+ Study Guide


Table Of Contents

Welcome to the free Security+ Study Guide. It is our expectation that this guide will have all the materials necessary to excel in the Security+ exam. We have here a free study guide, cram sheet, and other materials that should help you conquer this pesky little exam.

The Security+ exam is a traditional, timed, and scored exam; the question bank for the exam is surprisingly small and therefore many of the questions that appear in one administration of the exam will reappear in another. What this means to you as a potential test taker is that you can prepare for the exam by studying past questions and concepts thoroughly. This guide makes good use of previous test questions and known tested concepts to help you pass.

This Security+ Study Guide consists of 16 lessons designed to take about one hour or less to thoroughly read and re-read. As a general rule, you might want to complete one lesson per day, so this guide should take roughly 16 days to complete. Of course, you can work at a faster or slower pace. Each lesson covers only the material that you need to know to excel on the exam and is filled with previously tested materials. At the end of each guide are questions for review that cover the information in the lesson that should help you better prepare for the actual Security+ exam.

The best way to utilize this study guide is to read each and every lesson thoroughly. Some lessons will inevitably be very dry and probably uninteresting; as it would turn out, the Security+ exam is full of questions on these dry and boring topics. It is imperative therefore that you read every lesson at least twice in order to understand the concepts rather than just the words presented.

Because the exam does feature some “exhibits” or pictures, the lessons in this guide will also have pictures that are there for more than just aesthetics. The pictures in the lessons will be decidedly exam-related and are thus important for you to understand and grasp as well.

After you read the guide and complete the review lessons, your next step will be to look at our Security+ Cram Guide, which contains some previously covered and some new material that is definitely going to show up on the exam. It is very brief but it is also very important that you understand the points covered in the Cram Guide before you take the exam.

Enjoy the lessons and read carefully. You should have no trouble excelling on the CompTIA Security+ examination!

[edit section] Table Of Contents

ProProfs Security+ Study Guide

Day 1: Security Concepts

Day 2: Access Control

Day 3: Methods of Authentication

Day 4: Attacks

Day 5: Remote Access

Day 6: Tunneling

Day 7: Introduction to Cryptography

Day 8: Malicious Software

Day 9: Firewalls

Day 10: Networking Overview

Day 11: Symmetric Key Cryptography

Day 12: Public-Key Cryptography

Day 13: Organizational Security

Day 14: Email and Application Security

Day 15: Security Topologies

Day 16: Security+ Study Guide Review

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