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Samples of that you can find in the A+ Forum & Proprofs website

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Samples of that you can find in the A+ Forum & Proprofs website

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[edit section] How can the Forum help me?

The forums here at ProProfs can mean many things to different people. A place to ask questions, to offer advice, a place for celebration, or even a place to offer support for a failed exam attempt.

From the day you start your studies, til the party after you are certified, Proprofs is here to answer your questions, offer advice, and to offer support in both your setbacks and your achievements. It's the help provided by all of the members, new & old, that has made this community what it is. To the new member, it can be a daunting task, just knowing where to start. So, here are some samples of what you can find in the Proprofs CompTIA A+ Certification Forum. Just click on the links and see just how much you have been missing.  Who knows? Maybe you'll be inspired.

Please, feel free to add a link to any topic not listed here. We can't link to every thread, this is just to give members an idea of all Proprofs has to offer.

Everyone is asking about the CompTIA 2006 A+ objectives, so, here is a thread by Alobos where you can download a copy from each exam offered;
Official Comptia A+ Objectives By ProProfs Member Alobos
And what about those upgrades you keep hearing about? This thread attempts to ease some of the confusion over updates and upgrades;
A+ 2006 Objectives - 2007/2008 Update By ProProfs Member Jones89
How long? How many? How much? ... Whooaaa, slow down a little, we've got answers;
Questions We Always Get About The A+ Test By ProProfs Member Spy1954
Questions? ... Always questions!!! ... Why can't I get any cake?
CompTIA A+ Practice Questions
Members even post practice questions, like these;
200 A+ Practice Questions By ProProfs Member c_los1519
And practice tests? We've got 'em;
A+ Exam Practice Tests
Got a question about an A+ book?
Discuss A+ Books, WebSites, CDs, Products & More
What if you want to compare operating systems?
Compare Windows 95, 98, Me, Nt, 2000 & Xp By ProProfs Member Spy1954
How about a laser printer question?
The Laser Printing Process By ProProfs Member Sn42377
Got an upgrade question?
Upgrade Paths For Windows By ProProfs Member Cbrzana;
What about a job?
What Kind Of Job Will A+ Get Me? By ProProfs Member NickHeel
Cram Sheets? Proprofs has those;
Are There Any Cram Sheets For A+ Essentials Yet
What about Study Guides?
Ultimate A+ Study Guide By ProProfs Member Cbrzana;
There's even a section in the Wiki for A+ and other certifications;
Wiki Main Page
What about Network+ Forum;
Network+ Forum

[edit section] Some Must Read Threads From The Forum

As of June 27, 2006 we will add some must read threads from the forum to this article. You are welcome to add threads that are older than Jun 27, 2006 as well. 

The previous section gives you a good idea of the range of resources available for A+ at ProProfs. Here is a list of some great threads. Beware that since the forum is very active, this list will be outdated at times and does not compare to regularly checking the forum.

A+ Job Search Experience By Cbrzana

Study, Share, Learn, Pass, Party

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