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SAT Writing Exam Preparation Guide

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SAT Writing Exam Preparation Guide

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Welcome to the SAT Writing Study Guide! Here you will find the ProProfs "article-per-day" format designed to help you excel on the SAT exam. Each article is meant to take about an hour to master, so concentrate and aim to excel.

SAT Writing Exam Preparation Guide

[edit section] SAT* Writing Section Guide: Identifying Sentence Errors

  1. Breaking Down Sentence Error Questions
  2. Subject/Verb Agreement
  3. Pronoun/Antecedent Agreement
  4. Verb Tenses
  5. Adjectives, Adverbs
  6. Verbals
  7. Parallel Structure
  8. Idiomatic Expressions in English

[edit section] SAT* Writing Section Guide: Improving Sentences

  1. Improving Sentences Questions
  2. Modifiers
  3. Terse Language

[edit section] SAT* Essay Writing Guide

  1. Your Strategy for Excelling on the Essay
  2. Writing Effective Introduction and Details
  3. Demonstrating Mastery of Language

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