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Operating Cisco LAN Switches

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Operating Cisco LAN Switches

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Cisco CCNA Study Guide

By Cbrzana

Table Of Contents

Operating Cisco LAN Switches

2950 Series Features and Functions

Full-featured, wiring closet switches (connection point for end-user devices). Usually about 24 10/100 Ethernet interfaces, 2 Gigabit interfaces (for Switch to switch, switch to router connectivity).

- > Ports have RJ-45 connectors, labeled 0/x, where x is the port number

Switches categorized into 2 types:

Internetwork Operating System (IOS) and Catalyst Switches

- > Catalyst exist because Cisco purchased Crescendo Communications
- > Use different OS
  • Cisco IOS Switches use same CLI and IOS Routers, but there are different functions/features.


  • No auxiliary port
  • Commands are different, due to different functions between router/switch

Status Lights (LEDS)

POST: Turns on all LEDS to verify they are working

- > Amber = FAIL POST, Green = PASS

Redundant Power Supply (RPS) Light: Green or Amber, flashing or not

Ports: Every port has LED, meaning depends on what MODE is set to

1. State: Green means functional, flashing is activity, off is not functional

2. Util: The more LEDS lit, the more utilization

3. Duplex: Green if full duplex, off otherwise

4. Speed: Green if 100 Mbps, off otherwise

Initial Configuration is same concept as router, different settings.

Configuring IOS software is the same concept as router

- > Configure terminal, copy running-config startup-config, etc.

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