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LAN Switching and Configuring 2950 Switches

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LAN Switching and Configuring 2950 Switches

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Cisco CCNA ICND Study Guide

By Cbrzana

Table Of Contents

LAN Switching and Configuring 2950 Switches

LAN Switch Logic Summary:

1. A frame is received.

2. If the destination is a broadcast/multicast, forward on all ports except the port the frame was received.

3. If the destination is Unicast, and address not in table, forward on all ports expect the received port.

4. If the destination is Unicast, address is in the table, and if associated interface is not the interface the frame arrived, forward frame out correct port.

5. Otherwise, filter the frame.

Basic Configuration/Operation Commands

Command Description
Interface vlan 1 Global command, config interface for VLAN interface
ip address [address][subnet mask] Interface configuration, set ip-address
ip default-gateway [address] Global command that sets default gateway
interface fastethernet 0/x Puts user into user configuration mode
duplex {auto|full|half} Set duplex mode for interface
speed {10|100|1000|auto|nonegotiate} Sets the speed of the interface
switchport port-security mac-address Statically add MAC address as allowed address on that port
switchport port-security mac-address sticky Tells switch to learn MAC addresses on the interface, and add to config as secure MACs
switchport port-security maximum [value] Max of static secure MAC allowed on the interface
switchport port-security violation {protect|restrict|shutdown} Tells switch what to do if inappropriate MAC tries to access network through secure switch port.
hostname [name] Assign hostname to switch
line con 0 Enter console configuration mode
line vty 0 15 Enter vty configuration mode
login Tells switch to ask for password
password [password] Sets the password
enable secret [password] Sets encrypted password
enable password [password] Sets password to enter privileged mode
configure terminal Enter configuration mode
show interfaces fastethernet 0/x Display interface status
show interfaces vlan 1 Displays the ip address configuration
show interfaces Display info about specific interfaces
show {running|startup}-config Display RAM/NVRAM settings
show-mac-address-table Displays the MAC address table
show port-security [interface][address] Show security options on interface
erase startup-config Erases startup configuration

show interfaces status reveals port, status, vlan, duplex, speed, and type.

*By default, switches work out-of-the-box, all ports on VLAN1*

When changing speed/duplex, interface will temporarily go down.

[edit section] Configuring the IP Address

  • interface vlan 1  IP address of switch configured on this interface
  • ip address [address][mask]
  • ip default-gateway [address]

[edit section] Port Security Configuration

Restrict the interface so that only expected devices can use it.

1. switchport port-security -> enable port security

a. allowed only on ports not connected to other switches

2. switchport mode access -> designate interface as not connecting to another switch

3. switchport port-security mac-address [mac address]-> statically configure allowed mac address

By default, only one mac address per interface, and shuts down violation

-> change using switchport port-security maximum [1-132]

-> To change violation type, switchport port-security violation

Note: To automatically add the mac of the first frame sent on the port, use:

switchport port-security mac-address sticky

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