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Free SAT Critical Reading Study Guide: SAT Reading Comprehension Study Guide

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Free SAT Critical Reading Study Guide: SAT Reading Comprehension Study Guide

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[edit section] SAT* Critical Reading Study Guide

SAT Critical Reading Study Guide
Welcome to the Free SAT Critical Reading Study Guide! The articles in the guide below are organized by question type and are short enough for most students to cover thoroughly in about an hour.

The SAT critical reading section, (formerly called verbal section), includes short and long reading passages. It comprises of sentence-completion questions and passage-based reading questions that are covered below in two guides: Sentence Completion Guide and SAT Critical Reading Guide.

Use the guides well and enjoy!

[edit section] SAT* Sentence Completion Guide

  1. Word Charge
  2. Prefixes and Suffixes
  3. Keywords
  4. Vocab to Remember
  5. Dont Worry About it

[edit section] SAT* Reading Comprehension Guide

  1. Reading a Passage
  2. Basic Comprehension Questions
  3. Analytical Questions
  4. Vocab-in-Context Questions
  5. Advanced Comprehension Questions
  6. Two Passage Questions
  7. More on Analytical Questions
  8. Extension Questions
  9. Summary and Review

We also recommend that you practice some SAT Reading Comprehension quizzes after reading the guide. For questions and comments, please use the SAT Forum.

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