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CIW Perl Fundamentals Exam 1D0-437

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CIW Perl Fundamentals Exam 1D0-437

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Candidates taking the CIW Perl Fundamentals exam should be familiar with the Perl syntax, the basics of using regular expression, how to use Perl data types, and how to access and manipulate files. They should also be familiar with database connectivity and debugging techniques. Skills measured in the 1D0-437 exam include but are not limited to the following:

[edit section] Identify the role of the Perl interpreter.

[edit section] Implement and use basic syntax of Perl code.

[edit section] Use scalar variables, expression operators and the STDIN data type.

[edit section] Control flow to create complex Perl scripts using Boolean expressions, logical operators and I/O redirection.

[edit section] Use regular expressions to define and match patterns and strings in Perl.

[edit section] Use Perl arrays and the functions that manipulate them.

[edit section] Use Perl hashes and the functions that manipulate them.

[edit section] Create and call subroutines to reuse code in Perl scripts.

[edit section] Manipulate files and devices in Perl using I/O functions and filehandles.

[edit section] Use and manipulate environment variables and command-line arguments in Perl.

[edit section] Use Perl packages and modules to facilitate code reuse.

[edit section] Create object-oriented Perl scripts.

[edit section] Use Perl to interface with databases.

[edit section] Debug Perl programs and design Perl scripts to minimize bugs.

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