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A+ Charts And Tables

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A+ Charts And Tables

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[edit section] Printer Table

Types of Printers
Printer Description
Impact Daisy Wheel or Dot Matrix (9 or 24 pins)
Inkjet Spray ink on paper
Laser Write with a laser. Also called Electrographic Printer (EP)

[edit section] IP addressing

Network Type Address Range Normal Mask Comments
Class A 001.x.x.x to 126.x.x.x For very large networks
Class B 128.1.x.x to 191.254.x.x For medium size networks
Class C 192.0.1.x to 223.255.254.x For small networks
Class D 224.x.x.x to
Class E 240.x.x.x to

[edit section] FAT Table

Windows 3.1 works with FAT 16
Windows 95 Build 950 and 950a works with FAT 16
Windows 95 Build 950b and 950c works with FAT 32 and FAT 16
Windows 98 works with FAT 32 and FAT 16
Windows NT 4 works with NTFS and FAT 16
Windows 2000/NT 5 works with NTFS, FAT 32 and FAT 16
9x Systems - Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME
NT Systems - Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP

[edit section] Boot Option Hot Keys

Boot Option Hot Keys
Operating System Key Result
Windows 98 (9x) F4 Boot to previous OS
F5 Safe Mode
F6 Safe Mode with Networking
F8 Forces a ScanDisk
Left CTRL Advanced Boot Options
Windows NT F5, F8 Hopeless
Spacebar At correct time, permits 'Last Known Good Configuration'
All others Hopeless; verify per installation
Windows 2000,
Windows XP
F5, F8 Advanced Boot Options

[edit section] HOT KEYS

ALT+TAB Switch between open items
ALT+ENTER View properties for the selected item
CTRL+ESC Display the Start menu
win /b Creates bootlog.txt while booting.

[edit section] RAM Memory Packages

RAM Memory Packages
Package Extension Features
SIPP Single Inline Pin Package Combined 8 DRAM chips on a single card, 8 bits wide
SIMM Single Inline Memory Module Eliminated pins, introduced banking, 30 or 72 pin flavors
DIMM Dual Inline Memory Module 168 pins per stick
DDR Double Data Rate 184 pins per stick
DDR2 240 pins per stick
DDR2 SO-DIMM 200 pins per stick

[edit section] RAID

RAID Levels
Level Description Details
RAID0 Striped disk array with no fault tolerance. The several disks operate in parallel for faster data transfer rates.
RAID1 Mirroring and duplexing Creates duplicate copies of data that is split between disks. Mirroring writes from a single controller to two drives. Duplexing uses two separate controllers to write to two different hard drives. Increased access speeds.
RAID2 Data striping w/error recovery Spreads files across several disks; uses large amount of disk space as overhead to maintain parity (error checking.) Not typically used on PCs.
RAID3 Parallel transfer - parity striping Uses less hard drive space for error checking, but data transfer is more time consuming and less efficient.
RAID4 Independent data disks - shared parity disk Interleaves drives to make them appear as one large drive. There is only one parity drive that is shared. Low overhead high maintenance fault tolerance.
RAID5 Independent data disks - distributed parity blocks Popular system where parity is spread across the disks to create accuracy and redundancy.
RAID6 Similar to RAID5 Uses extra disks as well as asynchronous and cached data transmission for guaranteed fault tolerance. Could be called 'Super Raid5'.

[edit section] Ports

Port I/O Address IRQ
COM1 03F8 4
COM2 02F8 3
COM3 03E8 4
COM4 02E8 3
LPT1 0378 7
LPT2 0278 5

[edit section] IRQ Map

IRQ Default Function
0 System Timer
1 Keyboard
2/9 Open for use
5 LPT2
6 Floppy Drive
7 LPT1
8 Real-time clock
10 Open for use
11 Open for use
12 Open for use
13 Math coprocessor
14 Primary hard drive
15 Secondary hard drive

[edit section] Types of Expansion Slots

Types of Expansion Slots
Slot Bus Size Notes
(Industry Standard Architecture)
8 or 16-bit Slowest slot used today
(Micro-Channel Architecture)
16 or 32-bit Expensive, fast, dead technology
Enhanced ISA 32-bit Compatible with ISA Slots
(VESA Local Bus)
32-bit Bus Mastering, uses ISA slots with special connectors
(Peripheral Component Interconnect)
32-bit Bus Mastering, uses PCI slots, has a unique additional bus
PCI-2 64-bit Bus Mastering, uses PCI slots, has a unique additional bus

[edit section] CPU Chart

CPU Gen External Speed Internal Speed Multiplier Range L1 L2 L3 Package Sockets Used
Pentium 5th 50-66 MHz 60-200 MHz 1-3x 16KB No No PGA 4,5
Pentium Pro 6th 60-66 MHz 166-200 MHz 2.5-3x 16KB 256 KB, 512KB, 1 MB No PGA 8
Pentium II 6th 66-100 MHz 233-450 MHz 3.5-4.5x 32 KB 512 KB No SEC Slot 1
AMD K6 6th 66-100 MHz 200-550 MHz 3-5.5x 32 KB
64 KB
256 KB
No PGA 7
Pentium II (Celeron) 6th 66 MHz 266-700 MHz 4-10.5x 32KB 128 KB (later versions) No SEP, PGA 1,
Socket 370
Pentium III 6th 100-133 MHz 450 MHz-1.26GHz 4-10x 32 KB 256 KB or 512 KB No SEC-2, PGA 1,
Socket 370
Pentium III Celeron 6th 66-100 MHz 533-700 MHz 8-11.5x 32 KB 128 KB No PGA Socket 370
Classic AMD 6th 100 MHz 500 MHz - 1 GHz 5-10x 128 KB 512 KB No SEC Slot A
AMD Thunderbird 6th 100-133 MHz 650 MHz - 1.4 GHz 3.5-14x 128 KB 256 KB No PGA Socket A
AMD Duron 6th 100 MHz 600 MHz-1.3 GHz 3.5 - 14x 128 KB 64 KB No PGA Socket A
Pentium 4 7th 100 MHz-200 MHz (quad pumped) 1.3-3.2 GHz 13-23x 128 KB 256 KB, 512 KB No 423 PGA, 478 PGA 423, 478
Athlon XP 7th 133 MHz, 166 MHz 1.3 GHz-2.16 GHz 13-16.5x 128 KB 256 KB, 512 KB No 462 PGA Socket A

[edit section] Pentium CPUs

CPU Pentium Pentium Pro Pentium 2 Pentium 3 Pentium 4
Generation 5th
External speed
50-66 & 66-75MHz 60-66MHz 66-100MHz 100-133MHz 100-133MHz (Quadrupled)
Internal speed
150-200MHz 233-450MHz 450MHz-1.26GHz 1.3-3.06GHz
Voltage 5V, 3.3V 3.1V, 3.3V 3.3V 3.3V 3.3V
x2.5-x3 x3.5-x4.5 x4-x10 x13 & up
L1 cache 16KB, 32KB 16KB 32KB 32KB 128KB
L2 cache None 256KB, 512KB, 1MB 512KB 256KB, 512KB 256KB, 512KB
L3 cache None None None None None
Sockets used Socket4, 5 – 7 Socket 8 Slot 1 Slot 1 – Socket 370 Socket 423 – 478
Max RAM 4 GB 4 GB 4 GB 4 GB 4 GB

[edit section] Celeron CPUs

CPU P2 Based P3 Based P4 Based
Generation 6th 6th 7th
External speed Range 66MHz 66-100MHz 100MHz (Quad Speed)
Internal speed Range 266-700MHz 533-700MHz 850MHz -2.4GHz
Voltage 3.3V 3.3V 3.3V
Multiplier Range x4-x10.5 x8-x11.5 x8.5-x20.5
L1 cache 32KB 32KB 32KB
L2 cache None, 128KB 128KB 128KB
L3 cache None None None
Sockets used Slot 1, Socket 370 Socket 370 Slot 1, Socket 370
Max RAM 4Gb 4GB 4GB

[edit section] Xeon CPUs

CPU P2 Based P3 Based P4 Based Xeon MP
Generation 6th 6th 7th 7th
External speed Range 100MHz 100-133MHz 100-133MHz (x4) 100-133MHz(x4)
Internal speed Range 400-500MHz 500MHz-1GHz 1.4-3.06GHz 1.4-2GHz
Multiplier Range x4-x4.5 x5-x7.5 x14-x28 x14-x20
L1 cache 32KB 32KB 12KB 12KB
L2 cache 512KB-2MB 256KB-2MB 256-512KN 256-512KB
L3 cache None None None None
Sockets used Slot 2 Slot 2 Socket 603 Socket 603
Max RAM 4 GB 4 GB 4 GB 4 GB

[edit section] Itanium & Itanium 2

CPU Itanium Itanium 2
Generation 8th 8th
Physical Address 44 bits 50bits
FSB width 64bits 128bits
External speed Range 133MHz (x4) 100MHz (x4)
Internal speed Range 733MHz, 833MHz 900MHz, 1GHz
Multiplier Range x6-x8.5 x9-x10
L1 cache 32KB 32KB
L2 cache 96KB 256KB
L3 cache 2MB, 4MB 1.5MB
Package PAC OLGA
Sockets used Socket 418 Socket 611
Max RAM 17.5 TB 1.1 PB

[edit section] AMD CPUs

[edit section] AMD K5 & K6

Generation 5th 6th
External speed Range 50-75MHz 66-100MHz
Internal speed Range 60-150MHz 200-550MHz
Multiplier Range x1.5-x2 x3-x5.5
L1 cache 16KB 32KB (K6, K6-2) 64KB (K6-3)
L2 cache None None (K6, K6-2) 256KB (K6-3)
L3 cache None None
Package PGA PGA
Sockets used Socket 7 Socket 7
Max RAM 4Gb 4GB

[edit section] Athlon CPUs

CPU Athlon Duron Thunderbird Athlon XP
Generation 6th6th 6th 6th 7th
External speed Range 100MHz (x2) 100MHz (x2) 100-133MHz (x2) 133MHz (x2)
Internal speed Range 500MHz-1GHz 600MHz-1GHz 650-1.4GHz 1.3GHz(1500+) – 2.16GHz(3000+)
Multiplier Range x5-x10 x3.5-x14 x3.5-x14 x13-x16.5
L1 cache 128KB 128KB 128KB 128KB
L2 cache 512KB 64KB 256KB 256KB, 512KB
L3 cache None None None None
Package SEC PGA PGA 462-pin PGA
Sockets used Slot A Socket A Socket A Socket A
Max RAM 4 GB 4 GB 4 GB 4 GB

[edit section] AMD Opteron

CPU Opteron
Generation 8th
Physical Address 40 bits
FSB width 128 bit
External speed Range 6.4GB/Second (Hyper transport)
Internal speed Range 1.4-1.8 GHz
Multiplier Range x14-x20
L1 cache 128KB
L2 cache 1MB
L3 cache None
Package PGA
Sockets used Socket 940

[edit section] Cables

CAT1 Standard Phone Line
CAT 2 4 Mbps (ISDN and T1)
CAT 3 10 Mbps
CAT 4 16 Mbps
CAT 5 100 Mbps
CAT 5e 1 Gbps
CAT 6 10 Gbps

[edit section] Windows Restore & Recovery

  System Restore Backup Restore Wizard Automated System Recovery Emergency Repair Disk Recovery Console
Windows NT 4.0 No Yes No Yes No
2000 Professional No Yes No Yes Yes
XP Home Yes No No No No
XP Professional Yes Yes Yes No Yes

[edit section] Installing Windows 9x/Me

Component Minimum Recommended
CPU Pentium Pentium 2
Memory 32MB 64-128MB
Hard Disk 455-635MB 4GB
Display 640x480 @16 colors SVGA or higher
Other Mouse, CD-ROM, soundcard Mouse, CD-ROM, soundcard

[edit section] Windows NT 4.0

Component Minimum Recommended
CPU Intel 80486 25 MHz Pentium 150 MHz
Memory 12 MB 64 MB
Hard Disk 128 MB 2 GB with 1 GB Free
Network None Modern PCI
Display VGA resolution SVGA resolution (16-bit)
Floppy disk drive   High density

[edit section] Windows 2000 Professional

Component Minimum Recommended
CPU 133 MHz Pentium 2 350 MHz
Memory 64 MB 128 MB
Hard disk 2 GB w/ 650 MB free 6.4 GB w/ 2 GB free
Network None Modern PCI
Display VGA SVGA (16-bit)
CD-ROM   12x (non-network)
Floppy Drive   High Density

[edit section] Windows XP Professional

Component Minimum Recommended
CPU 233 MHz or higher 300 MHz or higher
Memory 64 MB 256 MB
Hard disk 1.5 GB available 4 GB available
Display Direct X 8, 800 x 600 resolution Direct X 8, 800 x 600 resolution

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