Verbs (past & present) Word Search Game

Created By: joerules
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How to play Word Search?
  • Words run horizontally, vertically, diagonally & even backwards
  • Drag to select words.
  • Find words as fast as possible to win.

Verbs (past & present) Word Search Game Description

Find the past and present of the verbs listed

Verbs (past & present) Word Search Game Words Definitions

Went, Go, Have, Had, Live, Lived, Love, Loved, Plug, Plugged, Race, Raced, Evacuate, Evacuated, Make, Made, Chew, Chewed, Look, Looked, See, Saw, Eat, Ate, Like, Liked, Compute, Computed, Pat, Patted, Staple, Stapled, Hug, Hugged, Pack, Packed, Package, Packaged, Find, Found

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