Of Mice And Men Ch. 1-3 Vocabulary

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John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men begins with two men, George and Lennie who are sitting near a river. George is a very large and strong man who has the intelligence of a child. Lennie, on the other hand, is shorter and very smart. Both men are traveling to start a job on a farm. They are late, so by the time they get to the farm, it is late. They meet one older man who informs them that the boss is mad since they arrived so late. Both men go into the bunkhouse to settle in. The boss enters and explains his anger. George and Lennie meet Curley, another worker, who is hot-tempered and already hates Lennie since his size is intimidating to Curley. Curley leaves. Curley’s wife enters the bunkhouse looking for her husband. It is obvious that she is trouble.

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Wryly, Subdued, Raptly, Derision, Scowled, Scoff, Grizzled, Flounced

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