Temperate Deciduous Forest hangman game

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How to play Hangman?
  • Click on the letters in the upper box to guess if letter is in the word.
  • If you get six letters wrong the game is over.
  • Guess all the letters in the word to get to next level.

Temperate Deciduous Forest hangman game description

Temperate Deciduous Forest

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this is a fun game but i think it should be more creative but anyway i liked it [;

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posted 538 days ago by alexandra (Guest)   
i\'m doing a roport on temperate forests and that\'s a cool game

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posted 486 days ago by XD (Guest)   
What is the answer to the third one, it is just a single letter and I tried all the letters and none of them worked, so what\'s the deal? P.S. having fun at school right now! But anyways, what\'s the answer? Help Please.........................

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posted 307 days ago by Dejia (Guest)   
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