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Hangman Games: Spell it Right and Save a Life!

Who among us has never played a game of hangman in school on the chalkboard or at home with paper and a pen or pencil? For decades, this fun game has helped people learn how to spell and solve other word puzzles by guessing the letters and finally the word needed to save the person in danger of being hung. From long words to short words, hangman games can teach the fundamentals of spelling and vocabulary in a way that engages children and adults alike.

ProProfs allows you to play a fun game of hangman online by yourself or with friends. You can even create your own hangman game to stump others or help them learn all about words.

A Mysterious Origin: No One Knows Where Hangman Games Come From

Unlike many other word puzzles and games, few people actually know where hangman games come from. It does seem, however, that they were invented sometime during the Victorian era. The 1894 work Traditional Games appears to be one of the first places hangman puzzle is mentioned. From then on word games have spread all over the world.

Create Your Own Online Hangman Game

The Create a Hangman Game link at the top of this ProProfs page will allow you to come up with your own game of hangman and practice spelling with others or even refresh your own knowledge of vocabulary. Click the link and follow the direction to come up with your own series of hangman puzzle games.

ProProfs Hangman Puzzle Instructions

To solve the word searches made on ProProfs, follow the following instructions:
  • Click on one of the letters that you think might be in the word. If it is in the word, it will appear in all the blanks where it is supposed to be. If not, a person will begin to be created in the noose.
  • Continue clicking the letters you think are in the word until the word is finished.
  • If you make too many wrong guesses and the person is constructed entirely before the word is finished, your game is over. Finish quickly to get a higher score.

Tips to Solve a Hangman Game and Keep that Hanging Person Safe

Most hangman games are not too difficult, but like any word game they can sometimes be tricky. These tips should help you solve the puzzle and win.
  • Choose the most common letters first:
    It is best to start with the most common letters used in the English language and not more obscure letters like q or x. Many people find that they have a good chance of solving if they begin by choosing e, r, s, t, l, n.
  • Place a Vowel:
    Every word needs a vowel, so try to place a vowel in a word right away. If you have a lot of empty spaces and a lot of consonants, the chances are good you are missing a vowel.
  • Deduce the word and then choose its letters:
    After you guess a few letters, you may be able to make a good guess as to what the final solution to the word game will be. Guess the letters that would be in that solution to see if you are correct.

Have Fun Today Solving a Free Online Hangman Word Game

ProProfs invites you to get started solving your hangman game today. Choose a hangman game or create your own so that you can have a great time solving these puzzles.