Safe Cracker Game

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  • Click on play with your cursor in order to begin your game.
  • Memorize the pattern of number that appears.
  • When the blank screen appears, enter that same sequence using your cursor or number keys.
  • The number sequences get longer and the time gets shorter the more you get correct.
  • Three strikes and you’re out!

Have you ever daydreamed about living the exciting life of an international spy for the government? Have you ever wondered how it must feel like to solve a safe code for matters of international security? Did you ever ask yourself if you've got what it takes to be one? Well, you won't really get something that exhilarating here, but you'll get to taste a bit of that whirlwind life by getting the chance to actually crack the code of a safe online. This game is for the lovers and dreamers of thrill as it challenges you to memorize a number sequence that you should enter in the exact order to successfully open the safe. Channel your inner James Bond in Casino Royale. Be the ultimate Jason Bourne in your own supremacy. Be your own hero in an impossible mission with Ethan Hunt! Do your best to remember all the codes, especially when the game progresses and the codes get even longer. Imagine yourself getting closer to saving the world from the evil villains as the levels rise, the closer you are to the achieving your mission, the harder are the codes to remember. And remember, every second counts, so mind the minutes as you crack the safe! The best spies always get the toughest jobs. Good luck!

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