Row Slide Puzzle Game

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1) Click on a row or column and drag it into position
2) Recreate the original picture as quickly as possible


Puzzle solvers drawn to the enigmatic experience of solving the Rubik's cube for the first time will set their eyes on Row Slide Puzzle Game. Its jigsaw puzzle meats sliding puzzle game that will give you moments of sheer madness. Start with a perplexing image of unknown outcome, and slide these snippets of the image in order to solve picture perfect image. With a concept similar to handheld slide number games, this is a fun sliding puzzle game that puts you on the spot with the timer counting up the moment you start the game.

You think you got this? You think you're the master sliding solver? Think again. Each slide up, slide down, slide left, and slide right distorts your image more and more. But if you come with a plan, then perhaps your image gets to be formed with every slide. But don't get too carried away. Each move is crucial, even up to the last spot that needs to be filled up. If you slide it wrongly, or you've miscalculated, you might just end up blowing the whole deal off. This is online game is for the best of the best puzzle solvers out there, and it's calling you out.

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