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Chichen Itza Sliding Puzzle Game
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Sliding Puzzle

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Slide Puzzle Games: Put Together a Picture, If You Can

Sliding puzzles give us an opportunity to create a pretty picture and test our spatial manipulating abilities as we work to join the pieces that are made to fit together. For those bored with traditional sliding puzzles, the sliding puzzle provides a fun alternative. Instead of having individual pieces that can be scattered about and put together in the order you choose, sliding puzzles have pieces stuck in a frame that can only be moved one at a time. Move them around in the right sequence and make a pretty picture, but be careful because it is not as easy as it looks.

ProProfs offers dozens of free sliding block puzzles for your enjoyment. Choose one to solve or create your own sliding puzzles based on pictures from elsewhere on the Internet or even on your own photos!

History Of Sliding Block Puzzles

Sliding puzzles have now been around for over one hundred years and have delighted puzzle solvers of all ages. It is said that Noyes Chapman created the very first sliding block puzzle around 1880, but instead of a picture it was tiles numbered one through fifteen that had to be placed in order. The puzzle was a hit and soon the sliding puzzle became a favorite party favor, gift, and way to pass the time. Today you can find sliding puzzles with numbered tiles, or tiles that must be manipulated to form a lovely picture.

Make Your Own Sliding Puzzle Game:

ProProfs offers users like you the opportunity to make your own sliding puzzles out of your favorite pictures. Choose the create sliding puzzle option at the top of the page and follow the instructions to load your favorite picture and make a new puzzle out of it. Impress friends and family with your newfound puzzle.

ProProfs Puzzle Instructions

Step 1: Click one of the tiles closest to the empty space to slide it into the empty space.

Step 2: Continue clicking the tiles to manipulate them into the empty spaces and form the picture at the right.

Step 3: Solving the puzzle fast and with few moves will give you a higher score.

Tips To Solve A Sliding Block Puzzle Game

Solving a sliding puzzle can be difficult to solve, and these tips are offered to make the job a bit easier for you.
  • Form lines of three tiles:
    Most tile sliding puzzles are made up of three rows of three tiles each. Try to get one of the three rows lined up properly regarding tile order anywhere in the puzzle. For example, get the three tiles that go on the bottom row in order, even at the top of the puzzle. Keep this row together as you slide the tiles and it will be easier to solve the problem.
  • Analyze the pieces:
    Consider each piece carefully and try to figure out where it will go in the puzzle. This will help you as you manipulate them into the right place and as you line them up in rows of three.
  • Think Ahead:
    One of the hardest parts of solving a sliding puzzle is preventing future moves from ruining previous slides. There is nothing more frustrating than having to move a new tile in a way that messes up all that you have done before. To prevent this, try to think ahead and consider what will happen several moves in the future each time you slide a tile.

Start Your Tile Sliding Puzzle Game Today!

There is no reason to wait, start sliding your tiles today with ProProfs. You will not be sad that you did, and you will have fun challenging yourself and others to solve these tricky puzzles and even using our sliding puzzle creator.