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Golden Gate Bridge Puzzle Game

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Score: 10000
Difficulty: Easy

Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles: Making the Pieces Fit

Improving our minds, creating a pretty picture, and learning new facts are all possible when we sit down to do a jigsaw puzzle. Not just a great way to pass the time on a rainy day, research has shown that putting together jigsaw puzzles helps to keep the mind sharp over time and delay or even prevent altogether the onset of dementia. Those who love art appreciate the wonderful images they can create when they do a jigsaw puzzle, and countless young people have learned important geographical facts and more from putting together a puzzle.

Now you can make the pieces fit with ProProfs extensive selection of free jigsaw puzzles. Find the puzzle you want or even make your own and get started solving it today!

The Birth of Jigsaw Puzzles: From an Educational Fad to a Worldwide Phenomenon

For over two hundred years, people around the world have been putting together jigsaw puzzles and forming images of castles, historic buildings, famous paintings, maps, and more. The London mapmaker John Spilsbury was the inventor of the jigsaw puzzle game, which was introduced in 1760 as a tool to help children learn geography. Spilsbury mounted a map on a wood board and then cut it into pieces. A hundred years later the first cardboard jigsaw puzzles were invented, and that format remains immensely popular to this day.

Jigsaw puzzles really caught on during the Great Depression because of their low cost relative to the hours of fun people could have putting puzzles together. Today, jigsaw puzzles come in all shapes and sizes, including, of course, free online jigsaw puzzles.

Make Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle and Have Fun Doing So

ProProfs understands that the puzzle you really want may not exist, so we have created a simple tool "Jigsaw Puzzle Maker" that allows you to make your own jigsaw puzzle. All you need to do is click the Create a Jigsaw Puzzle link and you will be able to create your own Jigsaw games using your own photos, Internet images, and more. You will be able to save the puzzle here, embed it on your own site, or create a direct link to your puzzle. Free registration for a ProProfs account is required to save the puzzle, but once your registration is complete you will have unlimited free access to all the games on the site.

ProProfs Jigsaw Puzzle Instructions

To solve the word searches made on ProProfs, follow the following instructions:
  • Click and drag pieces to place them in the puzzle.
  • Correct pieces when placed together will join together.
  • Continue dragging pieces until the puzzle is finished.
  • The faster you finish the puzzle, the higher your score will be.

Solving Jigsaw Puzzles: Tips to Help You Finish that Puzzle in Record Time

Whether it has few pieces or a great many, solving a jigsaw puzzle can be harder than it looks. Here are some tips to help you solve these puzzles:
  • Separate All the Pieces:
    The pieces will originally be piled on top of one another, making them hard to see. Dragging the pieces apart from one another will help you see them better and help you decide where they belong.
  • Match Pieces to the Outline on the Screen:
    Each jigsaw puzzle will be solved within a square or rectangular frame. There will be outlines in the frame (if grid setting is on for the puzzle) that will help you decide where the pieces go. Match the shape of the jigsaw puzzle pieces to the frames to put them in the right place.
  • Study the Picture:
    Each puzzle will have a picture that shows you how the jigsaw will look when it is solved correctly. Study the picture intently because that will help you know which pieces to look for when you are doing each section of the puzzle.
  • Share the Puzzle with Others:
    If you need help, ask friends or family to do the puzzle with you. Jigsaw puzzles are always more fun when you do them with one or more partners.

Now Is the Time to Place those Pieces

ProProfs encourages you to get started on a jigsaw puzzle today. Whether you use one of our featured puzzles or create your own, you will surely be entertained and may even learn something new in the process.