Jiggy Jigsaw Game

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  • Click, hold, and drag any piece with your cursor and move it to the puzzle mat.
  • Once joined together, two or more pieces can be moved as a unit until they are finally placed.
  • Continue moving and joining each piece until the image is complete.
  • Upper right hand corner buttons allow you to turn a helpful grid off or on.
  • Rescramble the pieces or have the computer solve the puzzle by clicking on the correct buttons in the upper right-hand corner.

Jiggy Jigsaw is a picture puzzle game for the kids where one has to re-scramble the pieces of the jigsaw to form a picture. Player has to click on any piece, then hold & drag that piece into the puzzle mat. Players can also move two or more pieces together, if they are correctly joined with each other. This continues till the complete image is formed. There is a grid on and a grid off button available that allows you to see the grids for better placement of the pieces. This game is an improvised version of the ordinary jigsaw puzzle because once you finish this game you will get an unexpected message.

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