HillBilly Hangman Game

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  • Click on a letter with your cursor; if it is in the word it will fill appear in each word that contains it.
  • Continue selecting letters until all words are filled in.
  • If you choose a wrong letter, wait until the treat is built up before selecting again.
  • Six wrong letters and your game is over.

Who doesn't love a classic game of Hangman? Everyone has their own take of this favorite word puzzle. Help feed the hungry hillbilly by guessing the right words prepared by the computer for you. Like how everyone plays Hangman, you basically need to guess all the letters of the word. Every time you click on a letter, it appears on the blank tiles, if the clicked letter is part of the word that is to be guessed. Unlike the usual Hangman, wherein a stick figure of a hanging man is drawn to keep count of the number of times you are allowed to guess the wrong letter, in ProProf's version, you only get to guess the wrong letter 6 times only. Avoid ending the game too soon by making sure that you find the secret technique in solving a typical Hangman game without exhausting the allowable number of times for wrong guesses. Every time that you pick the wrong letter, you'll have to wait for the treat to build up again before you can go back to selecting a new letter again. Test yourself by finishing the game as quickly as you could. Reward the hungry hillbilly for patiently waiting for his food while you pick your brain out with your intelligent guesses.

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