Dress Up Time Game

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  • Click on start with cursor to begin.
  • Click and choose make-up for each area of the girl’s face.
  • Click cursor repeatedly and in different areas of her face to get her all made up.
  • Click on desired hairstyle with your cursor.
  • With your mouse, move hair dryer around the screen to point at loose hairs to get all her hair to lay flat.
  • Choose clothing and shoes with your cursor and click to dress her.
  • With your mouse, move iron in direction of the arrow to iron clothes.
  • Click and choose jewelry and accessories with the cursor.
  • Pick the accessories out of the box by pointing and clicking them.
  • A final screen will tell you how well you did with dressing the girl. Strive for 100%.

Dress-Up Time from ProProfs enables you to practice your fashion skills and get the girl ready to go out. Apply makeup, style hair, iron clothes, and choose the best accessories to complete her look. The better job of dressing the girl, the higher your score will be.

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