Parts Of The Body

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How to play Crossword Puzzle?
  • Click on an across or down clue.
  • Type in the answer on puzzle.
  • Background turns green on correct answer.
  • Continue until the puzzle is solved.
  • Clicking "hint" reveals a letter without awarding points.
  • Clicking "word" reveals entire word without awarding points.
  • Fill more answers in less time for higher score.
(Some inside,some outside) Enjoy!
Crossword Hints
  1. Also known as a shape, it makes your blood go to different parts of your body.
  2. It has 2 holes, is one way for you to breathe,you use it to smell smells, and is also known as a nose
  3. If you have a lot of these in your body, you work out alot, and your strong( can lift heavy things )
  4. Also an american meat meal, they help protect the heart and lungs.
  5. Also known as a skeleton, the small parts are your ______.
  6. Its a part of your body that helps you see.
  7. You can also chew it in a different form, its what holds your teeth in place.
  8. It has your toes, heel, and it's what you put a shoe/boot on.
  9. Opisite of front.
  10. Its on your finger, and girls sometimes put ****polish on them.(the **** is so I don't give out to much information.)
  11. A part of your body on your face, and spongebobs friend Sandy _______!
  12. You use to pick up things, touch things, and you use it to type.
  13. Most living things have it except plants, we use it for memory, knowledge,feelings,move your muscles, see, and everything you do