Medical Terminology

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  • Background turns green on correct answer.
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Use clues to help you fit the word in the correct spot.
Crossword Hints
  1. maintaing proper balance of water, salts, and acids filtering the blood
  2. specializes diagnosing and treating diorders of kidneys
  3. located between openings of ureters and urethra
  4. like the stomach, lined with rugae
  5. can be changed by diseases and medications
  6. red blood cells and proteins to leak into the urine
  7. size of mables
  8. more fluid in the body tissues
  9. condition is fatal without dialysis or kidney transplant
  10. lots of protein
  11. increases bulk of a body part
  12. relating to spaces within a tissue organ
  13. enlarged or stretched kidney
  14. every 4hrs the dialysate solution is drained in a bag, discarded, and the process repeats
  15. surgical removal of urinary bladder
  16. crush stones with use of high energy of ultrasonic waves
  17. what does KUB mean?
  18. artifical kidney
  19. fiber that holds structures together abnormally
  20. specialized endoscope used treatment of kidney
  21. blocked pathways cause you not to urinate
  22. both degenerative and inflammatory conditions
  23. slipping or falling out of place
  24. resulting from compression or obstruction of the urethra
  25. band of tissue that completely blocks a body passage
  26. bleeding from the urethra
  27. correct and obstruction between renal pelvis and ureter